Carroll County, the City of Galax, Grayson County, and Crossroads Institute hired Design Nine in January of 2007 to conduct an extensive broadband planning effort for the three Virginia localities.

This project received approval in June, 2007 from DHCD to proceed with implementation, using a regional authority to manage the network. RFPs were issued in August for equipment and services, and customers and service providers will be using the network before the end of 2007. Construction is currently well advanced. The project is now called "The Wired Road."

Carroll-Grayson-Galax selected Design Nine to provide project management for the implementation of Phase One of the network. Design Nine helped the local governments assemble all the financing needed to complete the initial design. Design Nine work has included needs assessment, fiber and wireless infrastructure design, Management Team meetings, broadband education efforts, financial and business planning, and construction estimates. Design Nine's team include wireless and fiber engineers, a telecom lawyer, and broadband business analysts.