Telecommunications and technology assessment

Communities have an extraordinary number of challenges to meet as the world has become increasingly complex and interconnected. Understanding how telecommunications technology fits into and becomes part of the fabric of a community can be a confusing, expensive, and time-consuming process.

Design Nine staff have worked with more than one hundred communities and organizations from more than fifteen countries. We are the only consulting firm with hands-on experience managing a community network. We apply our expertise as a experienced facilitators of community, business, and organizational technology efforts. We help your organization create a vision and strategies for technology and Knowledge Economy economic development.

Our mature and time-tested processes lead key stake holders through a series of dialogues to help your organization learn how to best invest in technology. We use a wide variety of needs assessment tools, including online surveys, focus groups, roundtable meetings, and the widely acclaimed CSPP (Computer Systems Policy Project) technology assessment instrument. The CSPP tool uses meetings with both the community at large and groups of key stake holders to help the community or organization identify key technologies goals and ojbectives.

After the assesment work is complete, Design Nine staff can continue to serve as a technology resource and advisor to the business or community as the effort develops. Design Nine will also help prepare technology master plans for organizations and communities, using the information developed during the assessment effort.