Telecommunications Services for Planned Communities

Design Nine offers a comprehensive set of services to builders and developers. In a competitive telecommunications environment, it is risky to leave all telecommunications decisions to the incumbent telephone and cable providers. Many new developments and master planned communities already provide fully wired homes and fully wired neighborhoods--a comprehensive telecommunications master plan can make your building project more competitive and can also increase the value of your homes and buildings.

Design Nine staff have decades of experience with planned community and neighborhood networks, and can offer a full range of services, including:

Structured wiring specifications

Cabling for homes and commercial buildings is now essential infrastructure. Many new homes marketed as "Internet-ready" actually lack appropriate cabling. Commercial buildings can be more valuable when appropriate cabling and equipment spaces are designed in--many architects and engineers still fail to do this for developers.

Telecommunications vendor management

We will review telephone and cable company contracts, identify potential issues that may affect your development, and help ensure your development has the appropriate level of services, not just promises.

Third party provider management

In many communities, there are now third party providers for virtually all telephone and cable services. A technology master plan for your development will help ensure that tenants and residents have access to third party providers; this is especially important in mixed use and commercial developments, where businesses typically want the option of buying telecom services from third party providers.

Future-proofing developments

Buyers of residential homes in master planned communities and purchasers of commercial buildings want to know that the telecommunications infrastructure is in place to accommodate future needs. Technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP), point to point videoconferencing, video streaming, and audio streaming are creating severe demands on the networks typically provided by the incumbent telephone and cable providers. Design Nine will develop a telecommunications master plan for your project that identifies potential future needs and links those needs to modest investments in infrastructure to make your project mor attractive to buyers.