Technology and Telecommunications Master Planning

Every community and region needs a technology master plan. We recommend that the information and vision in the technology master plan be integrated with the community comprehensive plan (and the technology master plan could simply be part of the comprehensive plan).

Design Nine has a proven process to develop a Technology Master Plan for your community or region. The deliverables and activities include:

  • A complete Technology Master Plan, with goals, objectives, and action steps. Design Nine Design will lead a technology task force technology through the development process, and we edit, write, and print the master plan document.
  • We provide several draft versions of the plan, with ample opportunity for community review and input.
  • Assessment of local telecom services and local needs, with special attention to economic development and business needs. The document includes a full section on technology and telecommunications needed to boost economic development.
  • Identify current and future technology options, and outline a series of action steps to attract private sector providers of broadband services.
  • An access-controlled Web site is provided to enable better collaboration among working groups, provide online access to draft documents, and to increase participation in the master planning process.
  • Provide comparative analysis of technology services and options. Develop business models and planning scenarios for the community network.
  • For more information, call or write us.