Funding and Grant Writing

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Design Nine has experience identifying many sources of funds for many types of projects. We can help your project with funding strategies, funding partner identification, and grant writing.

Broadband Stimulus Proposal Preparation

The ARRA Broadband stimulus funds available from the USDA Rural Utilities Service (the BIP program) and the Department of Commerce NTIA (the BTOP program) represent a significant one-time funding opportunity.

Design Nine has already assisted with the development of more than $35 million in stimulus proposals in the first round. The applications tend to run more than 100 pages of material, including extensive technical specifications and information. We can help prepare stimulus proposals, including these key requirements:

Design Nine provides visionary broadband architecture and engineering services to our clients. We have over seventy years of staff experience with telecom and community broadband-more than any other company in the United States.

We have a full range of broadband and telecom planning, design, and project management services.