Project Management

Design Nine offers communities and organizations a complete set of technology and telecommunications project management services, including:

Broadband Planning

Design Nine will develop a complete broadband and telecommunications plan for your community or project. Our plans provide a comprehensive business and financial analysis that will help attract financing. We also will identify the appropriate organizational and management structure for your effort. We will identify a range of technical solutions and last mile options, including both wireless and fiber alternatives, and the advantages and disadvantages of both. We will also evaluate vendor technical and support capabilities, negotiate competitive pricing, and identify ongoing network operations and support issues.

RFI and RFP management

The Request For Information and Request For Proposal approach to technology and telecom purchases creates a situation in which vendors compete for your business on a level playing field. This may cost a little more up front, but over the long term can save your community, business, or organization very significant sums of money. Design Nine staff will help identify your project goals, write appropriate RFI/RFP documents, circulate the bid proposals to qualified firms, handle questions and inquiries from firms interested in bidding, review submitted bids, and manage the evaluation and bid award process.

Content and Services Development

The development of rich content and services is critical to the success of any organization, business, or community technology effort. The right content, properly designed and presented, along with mature, robust services (e.g. email, discussion forums, response forms, shopping carts, mailing lists, databases, etc) helps build demand for the network and increases utilization of bandwidth.

Financial and business case modeling

Any broadband or telecommunications effort requires careful attention to the financial sustainability. Ongoing life cycle costs of telecommunications and technology are much higher than initial project costs, and a well-designed business model is critical to understanding how the network and systems will be managed and paid for over the long term. Design Nine has extensive experience developing this information and identifying business models that make investments affordable and self-sustaining.

Preliminary Network Design

Design Nine staff have the expertise to develop preliminary network and design cost estimates, as well as managing an RFP process for a competitive bid situation if appropriate.

Network/Systems Operations and Management

Technnology and telecommunications systems are increasingly complex and interconnected. Ongoing operational and management costs can be significant. Design Nine staff will prepare operations management plans, write job descriptions for key staff and personnel, and manage a competitive RFP process to identify qualified firms to do ongoing maintenance and support.

Public Awareness

Successful communitywide network projects require a carefully managed and thoughtful public awareness campaign to ensure that local businesses, civic groups, and citizens understand the value of the network and why public money is being invested. Design Nine staff will work closely with economic developers, regional authorities, and local government staff to publicize the benefits of the network. Design Nine has extensive experience with the press and broadcast media, and will help project organizers make best use of media opportunities. Design Nine will develop a comprehensive media plan, design a public Web site, and assist the project organizers with the management of the public Web site.

Education and Training

A comprehensive education and training effort is critical to the success of any technology effort. Without training, many technology and telecommunications systems will be unused or underutilized--a waste of the initial investment. Design Nine staff have extensive education and training experience, and will help design an appropriate and affordable training program to complement the technology investment in hardware and software.